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Kiss-Cut Sheet Stickers - y00ts Smile Club Edition

Kiss-Cut Sheet Stickers - y00ts Smile Club Edition

Introducing our Kiss-Cut Stickers collection - where creativity meets convenience! Join the y00ts revolution with our exclusive collaboration with Smile Club. These vibrant and funky pre-cut stickers are designed to let your unique style shine. From laptops to water bottles, refrigerators, our Kiss-Cut Stickers offer endless possibilities for personal expression. Stick 'em, peel 'em, and make your mark wherever you go. It's time to unleash your inner sticker boss and embrace the y00ts spirit! y00t y00t!

Each sticker sheet is a 5"x7"(127mm x 178mm) sheet. As shown in images. 


While our stickers are durable, we do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher. The high heat and pressure may affect their adhesive and overall quality.


Please put your y00t number in the message box below. NOTE: You must have the sticker pack for that particular y00t already claimed in order to purchase the pack. 


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